Pi Handpans were developed over a 3 year period in the northern rivers region of New South Wales Australia. Lots of hammering and a few months of Gong studies in Thailand helped to achieve gong tones in a steel drum shaped dome, as is the tradition of handpans. Development was done in a shed with a good tuner and thousands of hours of hammering, during this time the distinctive square tonefield shape of Pi handpans emerged.
Pi Handpans have 2 Mats tuning them. Mat Ledgar founder and Mat O, both have a large musical background and a love of the rich musical tone this instrument achieves.
Hybrid Percussion Pty Ltd is happy to have this instrument as part of its collection and will continue to offer new player designed percussion products.

Made out of Australian Cold rolled 1.2mm sheet steel

Here at the end of the universe we only get one grade of steel, DCO1 equivalent, (If you know a supply of DCO Please contact us)

Our oil is a mixture of tung and orange oil sourced, orange oil is a natural cleaning product and tung oil is the hardest natural oil, the combined forces of these two creates a thing that both cleans and protects