Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What happens if I leave my handpan in a hot car?

A: If your instrument does overheat, don’t play it while it’s hot! Place it somewhere to cool down and the notes should settle back to where they belong :) 


Q: Can I try retuning the handpan myself?

A: Yes, if you know how to and are confident in your skills have at it. (We wouldn’t recommend if you’re not confidant as it’s really hard to retune one that has previously been tuned badly.)


Q: Damaged pi?

A: Damaged pis will need an assessment on an individual basis and could be subjected to a higher fee according to the time it takes to fix.


Q: Can it travel as hand luggage?

A: Most airlines accept it as hand luggage. But best to check beforehand with your airline just incase! 


Q: What are all the marks/dents/irregular colours on the pi?

A: Each pi is handmade. The marks are the hand hammering that has gone into making your instrument and the colours come with bluing the steel!


Q: Do you custom make?

A: Maybe. It depends on what you’re looking for. Contact us and if it’s possible then yes!

Q: Will it need retuning?

A: Yes! As they age they will need retuning less frequently as they really settle into their sound. Generally at about 12 months is when it’ll need it’s first retuning unless some other form of damage has happened (such as the pi being dropped on it’s notes).


Q: How long does it take to make one pi?

A: It takes roughly two and a half weeks with three to four people working directly on it. As we make them in batches, it’s more likely to take a month to make three to four that’ll be ready at around the same time.


Q: Why is it blue?

A: Because of a very cool process called bluing, here’s a link!


Q: How often does it need to be oiled?

A: The pi will need a very light coat of oil every three to four months. (You can find this oil at our online store, and a small bottle is included when a pi is purchased!) 


Q: How much will it cost to ship?

A: Within metropolitan Australia, the entirety of eastern sea board, and Adelaide it’s typically $40, from us sending a pi directly to you. Otherwise with Australia Post it can vary $60 to $80, plus insurance which we recommend. We use Fastways couriers, but it’s up to you who you choose, especially if you’re rural.


Q: Do you sell internationally?

A: Please contact us about that and we’ll see!,